IV Sedation

To ensure you feel comfortable during your dental treatment, our team can provide you with IV sedation in Hutchinson, Kansas, at the office of Shawn D. Jensen, DDS, PA. IV sedation is administered to patients through their bloodstreams to help them promptly relax before their procedures. If you would like to learn more about IV sedation, contact Smiles Are Forever today at 620-663-1788 and schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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IV (intravenous sedation) is a type of sedation that allows you to stay awake and aware but also very relaxed and even serene during a procedure. You will be able to to follow instructions during your procedure, but you should feel unafraid and comfortable at the same time. Before you receieve IV sedation, our dentist will go over your medical history and needs so that we can determine if IV sedation is safe for you and will provide the comfort you need.

The IV sedative is administered directly into your bloodstream, so the effects are usually felt very quickly. We will keep an eye on you throughout the procedure to make sure that the IV sedation is working and that you are not having any adverse reactions. Although the sedative is not designed to put you to sleep, you may feel as if you slept through the procedure, and you may not remember everything that happened during your appointment.

A trusted family member or friend will need to drive you to and from our office because you will not be able to safely drive following IV sedation. We also suggest that someone stay with you until the sedative has worn off.

If you think IV sedation might be a great option for your dental anxiety, then our team will be happy to tell you more! Call our office to schedule a visit and ask about receiving IV sedation during your next appointment.