Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost, there are many ways to regain a beautiful, complete smile. To find out how you can replace a tooth at, give Smiles Are Forever a call today at 620-663-1788! Our dentist can see you for an appointment and even help you plan your restoration with a dental implant in Hutchinson, Kansas, at the office of Shawn D. Jensen, DDS, PA.

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A missing tooth can pose many problems for your smile and oral health. Aesthetically, you may not like the noticeable gap in your smile, and functionally, you may have trouble eating or speaking normally. Further, your jawbone may begin to shrink in the area of the missing tooth, causing your facial volume to diminish and making you look older. A dental implant has a structure very similar to that of a natural tooth, which keeps you jawbone stimulated and allows you to use it for normal eating and speaking function.

A dental implant comprises two parts: the post and the restoration. The post resembles a screw and is surgically inserted into your jawbone where the missing tooth used to be. The post provides the same function and stability of a natural tooth root, allowing your new tooth to stay firmly in place. After the post is placed, we will wait a few months for the post to integrate with the jawbone fully. Because the post is made of biocompatible titanium, it should not create any problems for your body and health.

Once the post has finished fusing with the jawbone, the restoration can be placed over it. The restoration will be the part visible in your mouth and may be a crown, bridge or set of dentures, depending on your needs. Your restoration will be designed to match your other teeth in size, shape and color for a beautiful, natural-looking finish.

A dental implant is an excellent replacement option because it has the same components as a natural tooth, allowing you to use it for confident eating and speaking. Your dental implant can last for many years or even the rest of your life if you care for it properly!

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